Finding the right cancer drug for each patient

Over 150 target cancer therapeutics are currently on the market, but there is often no easy or effective way to decide which of these drugs to give to a cancer patient.


Oncobox is personalized genetic profiling to help oncologists decide which drug to use. Oncobox has been shown to increase the effectiveness of target therapies up to three times.


The main difference between Oncobox:Integral test and others currently on the market is that we analyze full DNA and RNA profiles, not just mutations or expression of individual genes (though we do that too). Our original bioinformatics algorithms then distinguish which molecular targets are most crucial for individual cases and find the most appropriate personalized treatment.

Oncobox is cost-effective personalized genetic profiling to help doctors decide which drug to use in late-stage cancer patients. Oncobox analyzes the molecular characteristics of a particular tumor and calculates the probability of a positive effect using specific cancer drugs. Learn more

Our process
Step 1 A tumor sample is sent to the lab.
Step 2 We analyze full DNA and RNA profiles of the tumor.
Step 3 We simulate the effect of over 140 targeted drugs on the patient’s tumor.
Step 4 The list of top-rated drugs for the patient’s tumor is calculated.
Step 5 Doctors use the report to prescribe personalized treatment.
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For Physicians

The Oncobox:Integral test is available now to help finding the best treatment option for a patient. To perform the test a sample of tumor biomaterial is required (FFPE block). Once the analysis is complete in 7-10 days, Oncobox delivers a report containing a list of drug options ranked by expected effectiveness, including the results of their previous clinical trials in similar cases. To order or for more information, get in touch with us using the form below.

Encouraging results on our Oncobox:Integral Test were presented at ASCO Annual Meeting 2017. Among 23 advanced, mainly metastatic, solid tumor patients, to whom target treatments were prescribed according to our recommendations, 82.3% had complete or partial response or stabilization.




Our team includes world-renowned scientists, molecular biologists, bioinformaticians and medical doctors, who have been investigating molecular mechanisms of cancer for years and been published in many peer-reviewed scientific journals, such as Nature and the Journal of Clinical Oncology. Our mission is to develop solutions that help doctors find the most effective treatment for late-stage cancer patients, who often face few options.


Andrew Garazha

Chief Executive Officer

Anton Buzdin, PhD

Chief Scientific Officer

Max Sorokin, PhD

Head of Bioinformatics

Victor Tkachev

Chief Technology Officer

Alex Poltorak, Prof., PhD

Molecular Immunology Advisor. Tufts University

Ilya Muchnik, Prof., PhD

Biostatistics Algorithms Advisor. Rutgers University
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For Researchers and Biopharma

Our team has a successful history of partnering with biotech and research institutions to provide state-of-the-art comprehensive bioinformatics analyses of DNA, RNA, and microRNA. Oncobox offers the original bioinformatics techniques and molecular oncology expertise to assist and optimize research or clinical trials as well as the platform to create companion diagnostics tests for existing or prospective drugs.

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The latest and most important scientific articles of our team are available here. Full list of publications is available through Pubmed link.

UCLA, Genomic Center & Department of Pathology
Rutgers University
California Insitute of Technology
Boston University
Tufts University
N. N. Blokhin National Medical Research Centre of oncology, Russia
Sechenov University
New York University
International Neuroscience Institute
Stanford University
University of Mainz, Germany
University of Zurich, Switzerland
Research supported by Skolkovo Foundation